May 7 Music Line Up!

Handmade Moments

“Infectious, like a rash of joy you want to catch, is Handmade Moments” – Sonja D’Cruze Sofar Sounds, Buenos Aires
Experiencing a Handmade Moments show is kind of like enjoying a spoonful of political discourse wrapped in local organic bacon and deep fried in hemp oil — and it’s all silky.” – Nick Brothers, Free Weekly
“MORE than a duo…the hardest working duo in rock ‘n roll” – Naropa Sabine
Wild Iris Band

Wild Iris

Wild Iris is the culmination of efforts from Bryan Shelton and Kate Mullikin who formed the band in the fall of 2013 after meeting at a beachside convenience store. Bryan was playing a big, black guitar and Kate started improvising a melody to compliment it. They hadn’t shared more than a few words before they were writing their next song. For Kate though, the decision to commit to being in a band was more difficult than Bryan’s. She was still getting over the grief of helping her father and mother pass away a few years since. After telling Bryan she would sleep on the idea, she dreamed that her father, a star of the Broadway stage, sat on the edge of her bed, wiggled her big toe and announced, “It’s your turn.”

Onstage, the band exuded a kind of therapeutic honesty, which when mixed with their elegant musicality went a long way with the locals and they were encouraged to pursue a professionally recorded debut full length. The new, self-titled LP was produced by Andy Zenczak at Gadgetbox Recording Studio where Wild Iris’s rustic arrangements were imbued with the rich sound of analogue gear, often accompanied by upright bass, banjo, fiddle and percussion.

Chicken Mama

Chicken Mama is the monicker for local singer-songwriter Kasia Kugay, whose brief time tending chickens made a permanent mark on her soul and music. A native of San Francisco born of Polish and Turkish immigrants, Kugay blends her musical heritage with American jazz and R&B. The resultant folk is “unique and intricately crafted, well-suited to Kugay’s deeply emotive voice” (Good Times), which ranges from clear and bright to dark and sultry. Chicken Mama recently released her first EP, In the Advocate, which was recorded inside of an old growth redwood tree that fell in recent storms. The EP pays lyrical homage to the land and the ones she has walked it with, as can be said for most of Kugay’s songs and poetry.

Past Musicians at the Market